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About Us

Shining Tomorrow Counseling began as a dream and an idea to bring accessible mental health services to Valley, AL while also being open to other areas of Alabama. In 2021, the telehealth side of Shining Tomorrow Counseling came to be. It wasn't long before we discovered that we needed a physical space for clients who needed in office sessions. 

Shining Tomorrow Counseling strives to be different from your normal counseling center. We want you to feel welcome and relaxed. We may need to talk about some really heavy things, but we want you to feel confident in yourself and your therapist. Along with traditional counseling, we are also kink, alternative relationship, and LGBTQ friendly. We strive to make sure that no matter who you are or who you identify as that you feel safe and secure in our office and with our staff.

The team at Shining Tomorrow Counseling has found that it can be kind of fun doing the impossible. Let us help you find a brighter tomorrow.

"To all who come to this happy place, welcome" - Walt Disney

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