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Group Therapy

Group therapy can help you in a confidential, community setting to have more people in your support group. Shining Tomorrow Counseling offers periodic group options that will be updated on this page as they begin/end. We offer two types of group therapy options:

  • Processing Group - this type of group offers you a chance to come and talk about the topic of the group and process with people in similar circumstances to yours. This could be a support group for grief, adolescent issues, supportive parenting, etc.

  • Psychoeducation Group - this type of group is more facilitator led with a weekly focus on the topic of the group. Sometimes, these types of groups are court ordered or you may realize you need some additional assistance in these areas. These groups could be about addiction, DBT, anger management, parenting, etc. 

If you do not see the group you are looking for listed below, please contact us to find out if we offer your needs as an option or when it might be starting. 

Current Group Offerings

Check back for group offering. 


Upcoming Groups

  • Grief Group (processing group)

  • Parenting (psychoeducation, offers certificate of completion)

  • DBT (psychoeducation, free for CURRENT clients)

  • Anger Management (psychoeducation)

  • Substance abuse (various addiction or substance use psychoeducation groups)

  • Teenage support group (processing group)

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