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Couple Therapy

Life is hard enough but when you add in relationship stress, it gets even harder. You and your partner should be able to work together and communicate effectively but sometimes that just isn't the case. It is natural and normal for relationships to feel hard but if things like infidelity, mistrust, resentment, or anger cause even more problems, it might be time to seek out some extra help. 

Your therapist will work with you both to find the problems in the relationship and learn new ways to work together, to heal, to communicate, and to trust again. Splitting up may be the last thing you want to do and if that's the case for all partners, then couple therapy can help you find your love for each other again. 

Many times, one partner is ready for therapy while the other does not think it is necessary. Maybe they think the therapist will take sides. Maybe they think that therapy isn't needed to fix the problems. Maybe they are afraid to admit they are part of the problem. Whatever the case may be, our free 15 minute consultation can help to stop these thoughts and encourage partners to come together to change the relationship for the better.

Our therapist offers a free 15 minute consultation via telehealth or in person to ensure they are the right fit for you and to help you and your partner(s) understand the therapy process. 

Couple Focus

  • Premarital

  • Marriage

  • Infidelity

  • Parenting/Co-Parenting

  • Transitioning out of the relationship

  • trust issues

  • communication problems

  • Kink and LGBTQ Friendly

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