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Frequently asked questions

What insurance do you accept?

Currently, Shining Tomorrow Counseling accepts BCBS, Aetna, UHC and Cigna. We do not have any current plans to take Medicaid/Medicare.

What is your new client procedure?

Once you contact Shining Tomorrow Counseling for services, you will receive an email that contains all of our new client paperwork. Once this information has been completed, our staff will reach out to schedule your first session. Upon first contacting STC, we will offer you a free 15-minute consultation to meet the therapist, ask questions, and make sure you feel a connection with them. This is an optional consultation, you are more than welcome to request an intake first!

What can I expect from therapy?

Therapy can be scary and we know that! It is understandable to be nervous but we are here to walk you through every step. You and your therapist will work together to build a treatment plan tailored to your needs and based on your goals for therapy. After that, you will meet with your therapist either weekly or every two weeks to work on your goals and get you to a brighter future!

How much will therapy cost?

The rates for Shining Tomorrow Counseling vary based on what service you are requesting. Please visit our 'prices' page for more information OR if none of those options fit your budget, please feel free to give us a call and talk to our practice manager about our sliding scale system.

Why was I charged a fee when I didn't have my session?

No show or late cancellation fees are charged if you do not cancel/reschedule your session within 24 hours of your session time. Our no-show/late cancellation policy is $100. When you receive your new client paperwork, in the Practice Policies, our cancellation policy is included and you are required to sign that you understand this policy. Be sure to read your new client paperwork carefully and discuss any questions about the paperwork with your therapist. If you do need to cancel or reschedule your session, try to do so within 24 hours!

How often do I have sessions?

You and your therapist will decide together how often you want to come to therapy. This can be based on medical necessity or on your budget. Talk to your therapist about what you think your needs are and you will work together to decide how often you will come to therapy. 

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